Maria Leigh

Aaron Trotter

Dropped into the magical land of California and thrust into the tight-knit world of the Surfer Academy, Aaron Trotter – boy wizard, must win the respect of his classmates, overcome the trials of adolescence, and solve the mystery behind the disappearance of his long-lost parents.   Little does Aaron know that he is walking right into Evil Von Rottenhauser & Wild-Eyed Lulu’s really evil plan!

Will Aaron discover the horrible truth and still find a date for Friday’s beach blanket blowout? Will justice and goodness prevail over their polar opposites? Can the Thunderbirds pull off fake tans, surfing scenes, and a weenie roast?

Written By: Peter Finch

Directed By: Jeremy Cole

Produced By: Thunderbird Theatre

Photo Credit: Dana Constance

Cast (from left to right): Shay Casey, Dan Kurtz, Maria Leigh, Z’ev Jenerik, Megan Slankard, Dana Goldberg, and Randy Nakagawa

© 2017 Maria Leigh
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