Maria Leigh


Maria Leigh is a Bay Area actor,collaborator, and cultural philosopher.  She received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College where she studied the classics of literature, philosophy, theology, psychology, political science, economics, history, mathematics, laboratory sciences, and music.

ACTOR:  Maria has worked locally and internationally with many companies including: We PlayersCutting Ball TheatreRapid Descent Physical Performance CompanyCentro Estatal de las Artes in Mexicali, MXRagged Wing Ensemble; La Tropa; and Thunderbird Theatre.

COLLABORATOR:  Maria is a founding member of The Collaboratory, a collaborative laboratory for the exploration and creation of physical theatre.  She has devised movement scores, text (both improvised and written), and compositions for many of the plays she has acted in.

CULTURAL PHILOSOPHER:   Maria is particularly interested in process, international and bilingual creation, and facilitating dialogue both within the rehearsal room and with audiences.  Aesthetically she loves simplicity, surprise, actions that defy perceived limitations, imaginative language, abandon, strong color stories, and mischief.

Maria is also a voracious reader of children’s literature, a horticultural enthusiast, and has a serious weak spot for galoshes .

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