Maria Leigh


Sometimes it takes a lie to catch a liar….  What’s a family to do when their head of household falls head-over-heels for a religious fake? When they are forced to live with Tartuffe, the family soon finds that all of their favorite things in life are deemed sinful by their house guest. The only way to bring life back to normal is to expose Tartuffe for the fraud they all know him to be, and that’s when the maid comes up with a plan….


Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company presents a new take on this classical tale by incorporating a live music and dance with the traditional text.


Written by: Molière

Directed by: Megan Finlay

Music by:  Aaron Priskorn

Costumes by: Sibilia Carini

Produced by:  Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company



Photo Credit: Sibilia Carini

Cast (Top Row From Left): Zack, Jessica Chisum, Aaron Priskorn, Wiley Naman Strasser, Brian Livingston

Cast (Bottom Row From Left): Maria Leigh,  Addie Ulrey, Ryan Marchand, Emlyn Guiney, Adam Sussman, Megan Finlay







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