Maria Leigh

The Odyssey on Angel Island State Park

Based on Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey on Angel Island State Park,  unfolded as an all-day island-wide adventure.  Carefully crafted staging, interactive installations, and diverse pathways through the space made this performance a provocative and truly memorable experience. Equipped with a map, time card, and survival ‘kit bag‘ the audience walked for miles, encountering monsters, nymphs, gods and mortals, as they journeyed to the Kingdom of the Dead, climbed Mount Olympus, and returned to their native land at last. Feasts, libations, storms, and five star views across the bay made it a journey to remember.


Written by: Homer

Translated by: Robert Fagles

Directed by: Ava Roy

Music by: Charlie Gurke

Produced by: We Players

Location: Angel Island State Park


The Odyssey


Photo Credit:  Lauren Matley

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