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Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry is a play about the things we wish we could hide; explored through text, song, movement, and laundry. Inspired by the laundress scene from Spanish playwright Federico García Lorca’s play, Yerma, the piece delves into the darkness and the dirtiness, but also the sexiness and sweetness that can be revealed when we think no one is looking.  Viewed through the lens of the intensely personal act of washing someone’s clothes, Dirty Laundry probes into the literal and metaphorical dirt of daily living.  How do we hide secrets and how are they revealed? What is said and what is left unsaid? Not everything will come out in the wash, but what does is shocking.


Source Text: Yerma by Federico García Lorca

Directed by: Amy Clare Tasker

Produced by:  The Collaboratory


Dirty Laundry


Photo Credit:  Amy Clare Tasker

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